Sunday, October 4, 2009

Virtual girlfriend.

My girls make me laugh sometimes, because they're so American. The whole school environment is so different to my experience in Australia, and their lifestyles have changed so dramatically, especially with the tech age.

So my 12 yr old comes downstairs to give me a kiss goodnight, and she says "I'm so wide awake, I was up with Lilly picking out an outfit for church tomorrow. OK, so I'm engrossed in my menu planning, but something doesn't sound right. I'm thinking, she' upstairs with her friend? (our neighbour across the street). Turns out Lilly is trying on clothes and taking photos and sending them on facebook to my dd. Digital dressing, sounds like fun!


Sande said...

Talk about different dimension ....

.... I have to admit though. There is something to be said about see your friends in the skin. Not all in the skin but to be able to hug is nice.

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