Tuesday, May 19, 2015


How cool is this site, make your own or buy something, great for novelty gifts and I love the fact that you're supporting young designers! They have really great products, ones that you'd actually use! Check them out!

Father's Day apron for dad
Father's Day apron for dad by cookinggifts
Design your own customizable aprons at zazzle.com.
Hipster Corgi 2 (without text)
Hipster Corgi 2 (without text) by GUYSwithGLASSES
Browse Hipster Laptop Sleeves online at Zazzle.com
American Vintage Civilian Flag Case
American Vintage Civilian Flag Case by Libertymaniacs
Find more Civilian flag Casemate Cases at Zazzle
Vintage Police phone Public Call Box
Vintage Police phone Public Call Box by jahwil
Find more Vintage Flask at Zazzle
Funny Victorian It's Rude to Point Vintage Look
Funny Victorian It's Rude to Point Vintage Look by TropicalToad
Check out Rude to point Cutting Board online at zazzle

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The New Cuisinart Juicer

I guess this will be a review of some sort, because I tend to get a little upset when I buy things and they just don't live up to my expectations, so I thought I would pass my opnion on. I have a wonderful older Greenstar but I just don't use it. It's good with leafy things but I tend to like the carrot juice a lot! and I found it tiring pushing al the carrots thru. Multiply that by several glasses everytime I use it just doesn't make me want to juice!

So I've always enjoyed those cheap little juicers, that I get the instant drinkable juice from. They're messy, but I like my juice more which is good. I owned a Juiceman Jr. which I paid $49 for over 10 years ago, and you know the thing lasted a good 6 years till one of my toddlers pulled the little clips off. It was a bit noisy, but I see it's now $23 on Amazon so if you're wanting to try juicing out it would be a good starter.

Anyways, we are members of Costco, of course who wouldn't be with the big family, and the best thing about Costco is that they have a lifelong guarantee on their products. Yep my hubby just goes right back to the store with the things that break. Not quite what I'm used to doing but I'm very happy that they stand by their products like that. So I bought the latest juicer they have, the Cuisinart.

Well, I have not been happy with this juicer. it's quiet and runs real nice, great opening for the produce, but the juice is always full of pulp and instead of using 5 carrots for a cup of juice like I did in the Juiceman Jr. I'm using at least 12. The leftover pulp is very wet so its not very efficient. I have to strain my carrot juice before I drink it everytime, but there's so much pulp it takes a long time to strain. I also found the plunger hits the plate so there's a problem there too. I find it quite cumbersome to put together and pull apart. cleaning is probably a little more difficult because of the slim components it's a little more awkward if you have to scrub. Overall it would be hard for me to give this a 2 out of 5. I expected a lot more of a product I've always thought highly of.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Changing My Blog Name

I'm sure this is the first time you've visited this blog because I studpidly changed the name and url of my blog yesterday and my old one disappeared....well wasn't thinking of that! My posts are here, but all the connections are gone, sadly. It's good and bad.....I've hated the name Dancing Matilda all these years, but never came up with a different one that I liked or wasn't used, and this blog has been changing over time, it's kinda nice to start with a fresh slate. I still have my RSS feed so a lot of the blogs I followed and will keep doing so, but no doubt I lost all my followers, sorry guys!

So why Killara Girl? When I lived in Sydney, many years ago, I moved to the eastern suburbs, in a prominent little spot called Point Piper. Right down the road from the Prime Ministers house. It was a perfect little flat, and I could look down to the little beach from my perch. it was big, 3 bedroom, and cheap, can you believe it? (right under the tip of the crane).

Well as I started getting around my neighbourhood and making new friends, when I told them I was from Killara, they would all respond with ' oh you're a Killara girl? ' You see both areas had prominent private schools, of which I knew nothing about of course, and I assume maybe it is was supposed to be a little more exclusive. I thought that was quite fun really, when my parents built their house there, there were no other streets or houses, it was still a dirt road. Anyway, I like the ring to it, and of course I'll always be a Killara girl :)

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Everything British!!

There's nothing like a little trip around the web when you're stuck at home, not being able to travel. I was doing a little research today and came across a video about the inspiration of the Wall in Game of Thrones. You know that great big ice wall, which I don't remember the name of lol.

Well long story short it brought me to this website....so lovely!!! Everything British! I mean everything! full of history and travel and beautiful pics. So I just thought I'd share today, so you can go on a little vacation this weekend! Anglotopia.net. What a name huh?


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Free Stock Images


I'm always in need of free stock photos for various things, so I made a list, because I'm always finding myself going back to google and you know where that leads you!

Here is a list of websites and agencies that provide free photos, clipart and vector. Please remember that photographers share their work to help out fellow artists/designers/bloggers. Just as you would like someone to share your work and have it accredited to you, please remember the common courtesy to credit the photographer.

Wikimedia Commons
Free photos on Dreamstime.com
Free clipart on Openclipart
Publicdomainarchive instagram
Publicdomainarchive website (the owner asks that you share this site if you use it)
The Graphic Fairy
The Pattern Library
Life of Pix
Photo Pin
New Old Stock
Free Digital Photos
Pickup Image
Every Stock Photo
Creative Commons
Free Range Stock
Startup Stock
Public Domain Pictures
Public Domain Clipart
My Stock Photo
Open Photo
Stock Vault
Free Stock Images
Jay Mantri
Little Visuals
Death to the Stock Photo
Coast Litho
Stock Snap
Good Free Photos
Pic Jumbo
Deal Jumbo
We Function
Free Images
Free Photos Bank
and Photodune which charges $1 per image

not for commercial use but worth a mention. Dr Macro's High Quality Movie Scans has load's of greats from the old flicks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

$100 Gift Certificate for Naked Wines

Naked Wines is a company based in Napa, California, that supports independent wine makers from all over the world. All orders on FineArtAmerica.com come with a $100 gift certificate good towards your first purchase of wine on NakedWines.com. Independent artists and photographers... independent wine makers... it's a perfect match...

When you place an order on Fine Art America, you'll receive an e-mail for a $100 gift certificate from NakedWines.com... instantly. It doesn't matter how large your order is on Fine Art America. If you order a single greeting card, you'll still receive the gift certificate. Once you receive the gift certificate, all you have to do is visit NakedWines.com, enter in your gift certificate code, buy some wine, and you're done! Then, just sit back and wait for the wine to arrive on your doorstep. If the logistical stars are in alignment, maybe your wine and your order from Fine Art America will arrive at the same time! Before using your gift certificate on NakedWines.com, please note the following restrictions:

Terms & Restrictions
The $100 gift certificate is only valid for first-time buyers on NakedWines.com and can only be applied towards purchases of $160 or more. You must be 21 years or older to redeem the gift certificate. Wine can not be shipped outside of the United States. Additional restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. See complete details at http://us.nakedwines.com/100voucher. Naked Wines is not affiliated with Naked Winery (http://nakedwinery.com) in Hood River, Oregon. There is no minimum purchase required on FineArtAmerica.com in order to receive the gift certificate. If you purchase a greeting card for $5, for example, you'll still receive the gift certificate from NakedWines.com - yes, really!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Earn Cash Back when you Shop Online

I first started blogging in 2001 and loved blogging until I found couponing. Well being stuck at home can be challenging in many areas, but if there's one area I felt depleting was my brain. My brain needs to do a certain amount of calculating a day. And one can only calculate how to do things different ways so many times in a house lol. So couponing became my perfect solution for downtime at the end of a day. Not to mention all the free stuff I got and money I made from it.

Well those days are long gone (I switched to photography to stop smoking) and I really miss the couponing and deal catching. But I just found this website today and I remember it started when I was couponing, but I didn't much get into rebates, you need to actually remember things to do that lol. But they're still going strong and offering awesome incentives, so I will pass them onto you to try. I know many of these programs are spammy on the internet, but this is one of the few you can trust.

Sign up and you'll receive $5 cash back, or $10 if you make a purchase today! But wait, get 3 of your friends to sign up and you'll get another $75. Ebates is one of the best cash back shopping sites we know of. They way they work is when you shop online, go to their website first then shop whichever store you want and you'll earn up to 40% back on purchases. Go now while the offer lasts, what do you have to lose?