Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Ready Am I?

Take a Look in the Mirror First!! Some wonderful things to consider before entering into a relationship!!
  • Have you been on your own? (Are you paying for your own housing, food, personal items, car, phone, insurance, etc? Are you responsible for your own personal decisions, schedule, life course plan?)
  • Are you out of debt or do you have a plan you have implemented to reduce your debt and pay off loans in a consistent manner?
  • Do you have a strong plan and direction for your life?
  • Do you have a job and career and seen any measure of success in this, or have you a clear path to college or grad school graduation?
  • Do you have a dependable, authentic group of friends whom you can confide in and you trust their opinions and counsel?
  • Do you have a healthy relationship with your parents, grandparents and extended family—or have you sought to have one from your side of the relationship?
  • Have you dealt with your own family of origin issues (either of your parents have addictions, abandon you, abuse you, etc?) Have you pursued counsel or mentoring to overcome those hurts?
  • Have you acknowledged and forgiven any hurts from past relationships?
  • Have you dealt with any of your own demons (drugs, drinking, and pornography, sexual promiscuity, gambling or shopping addictions)?
  • Have you finished and closed the doors on all past relationships? (you are not seeing a person from your past or carrying romantic feelings for him or her.)
  • Have you completed all details of past relationships? (Is the divorce FINAL (not just separated; if children are involved has a custody settlement been agreed upon? Have you divided property? )
  • If you were in a serious dating relationship, or previous engagement or marriage, have you given yourself time to regroup and readjust to life lived as a solo person? (One healthy time gauge would be one month off ALL dating relationships for each year you were with a person as a MINIMUM. For example: If you dated 2 years, were engaged a year then broke it off, you should not even go on any kind of a date for at least three months. Most people require double this (so six months breathing room). If you lived with someone or a marriage ended, you should double this again. So if you dated two years, engaged one and married for three, at minimum give yourself a year or even two to recover or regroup. )
  • If you have children, are they at a place they can handle change or a new person entering your life? (Kids are NOT as resilient as you would want them to be. It is wise to consult a professional licensed counselor who specializes in children before exposing your children to romantic relationships. Use the wisdom of those who have a proven track record of helping children and families to add to your own wisdom in order to due your due diligence before making life altering decisions. )
  • Do you have a personal growing relationship with God in a way you can sense when God is leading and guiding your life?
A smart person will seek out the best mentors in life—and in love.

Falling with style

A little fall magic

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting back to blogging

Well hello to all my long lost followers. It's a strange thing with the seasons here in America because I always feel like the year begins in September not in January, due to the kids going back to school. After 20 years it looks like this will be the year I'm finally child free for the day. We are just waiting for the the birth certificate for my little guy so he can attend kindergarten all day. So this frees up a lot of time for me so I can get my life back in order! 

As I've been working through my iPhone logistics for updates I realize there's a lot I need to clear out of my life! One thing I so loved about blogging is that I can put everything on here and keep it all central and organized! I am still currently all mobile which while convenient is quite a challenge at times! I find it somewhat tedious to be constricted to a tiny screen, but now even school correspondence and the kids school work is done digitally! Drives my husband crazy because I'm always on the phone, and he can't seem to understand as one who still uses it solely for the purpose of communicating but everything in my life is on my phone!

Recipe book
Menu maker
Address book
Phone book
Weather man
Pin board
Filing cabinet
Post office
Photo album
Alarm clock
Fitness coach
Health guru
Magnifying glass
Schedule and calendar
Music player
photography class
Cooking class
Art Class
Piano class

Needless to say there are many other things we can use them for but that's pretty much everything that I use in my life!

All that said I didn't want to make this a long post but so you can decide if you still want to follow me my posts will probably be mostly about digital photography, life adventures, and sharing all the wonderful places I find on the World Wide Web. I also have my food blog but I'm considering following through on herbal remedies! Something of a long-lost art it's one of those things anyone can do themselves instead of tracking down the costly tinctures and dried teas. There is some outstanding information out there now and I plan on sharing all that I find.

Well well blah blah blah there you have it!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Into the Wilderness

I've been a fan of National Geo for....well....decades now :) In the kitchen of my first garden flat we had 15ft ceilings and a wonderful big old kitchen with the dining table and chairs in there. Being our first place and just 16 years old we had no money. My friend was still at uni and I was making a grand total of $70 per week. So we didn't have much in the flat so you can imagine how bare it looked. I don't know where we got them from but we ended up with a huge pile of National Geos so we would go thru them and pull out the most stunning photos of animals and landscapes from all over the world and you guessed it, pinned it from top to bottom on the walls. Needless to say when our friends stopped by it began hours of discussion. Wonderful memories!!

If you're a fan like me you mustn't miss out on their free wallpapers