Saturday, May 16, 2015

Changing My Blog Name

I'm sure this is the first time you've visited this blog because I studpidly changed the name and url of my blog yesterday and my old one disappeared....well wasn't thinking of that! My posts are here, but all the connections are gone, sadly. It's good and bad.....I've hated the name Dancing Matilda all these years, but never came up with a different one that I liked or wasn't used, and this blog has been changing over time, it's kinda nice to start with a fresh slate. I still have my RSS feed so a lot of the blogs I followed and will keep doing so, but no doubt I lost all my followers, sorry guys!

So why Killara Girl? When I lived in Sydney, many years ago, I moved to the eastern suburbs, in a prominent little spot called Point Piper. Right down the road from the Prime Ministers house. It was a perfect little flat, and I could look down to the little beach from my perch. it was big, 3 bedroom, and cheap, can you believe it? (right under the tip of the crane).

Well as I started getting around my neighbourhood and making new friends, when I told them I was from Killara, they would all respond with ' oh you're a Killara girl? ' You see both areas had prominent private schools, of which I knew nothing about of course, and I assume maybe it is was supposed to be a little more exclusive. I thought that was quite fun really, when my parents built their house there, there were no other streets or houses, it was still a dirt road. Anyway, I like the ring to it, and of course I'll always be a Killara girl :)

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