Sunday, May 3, 2015

Earn Cash Back when you Shop Online

I first started blogging in 2001 and loved blogging until I found couponing. Well being stuck at home can be challenging in many areas, but if there's one area I felt depleting was my brain. My brain needs to do a certain amount of calculating a day. And one can only calculate how to do things different ways so many times in a house lol. So couponing became my perfect solution for downtime at the end of a day. Not to mention all the free stuff I got and money I made from it.

Well those days are long gone (I switched to photography to stop smoking) and I really miss the couponing and deal catching. But I just found this website today and I remember it started when I was couponing, but I didn't much get into rebates, you need to actually remember things to do that lol. But they're still going strong and offering awesome incentives, so I will pass them onto you to try. I know many of these programs are spammy on the internet, but this is one of the few you can trust.

Sign up and you'll receive $5 cash back, or $10 if you make a purchase today! But wait, get 3 of your friends to sign up and you'll get another $75. Ebates is one of the best cash back shopping sites we know of. They way they work is when you shop online, go to their website first then shop whichever store you want and you'll earn up to 40% back on purchases. Go now while the offer lasts, what do you have to lose?

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