Monday, April 26, 2010

The Dogwood Blooms - Macro Monday

We had a 'Dad free weekend' (according to my kids) but it was not the kind of Dad free weekend I usually enjoy. He was away on a retreat, and I'm usually very happy to have the van all to myslf...but not this time........ no no no 7 kids and a weekend means driving in my van....all weekend long...from 7.20 am to 12.30am.

My kids  had other plans!!

Not only that I couldn't get connected the internet and I tell you something, that does not make my day. So the concenses is that when Dad goes away, now Mum has 2 jobs to a Mum & a Dad (aka chauffeur)!

This is one Monday morning I'm going to enjoy....Dad, baby, & preker...all upstairs watching TV, just where they should be. Not the typical Monday morning, but heck who's complaining?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dream of a Bedroom

While our renovation has paused, it has given me plenty of time to envision what I'd really like to do with this house we have. I should probably be thinking about a garden & backyard, because my hubby is intending on clearing our dirt mounds out, then again he has intended that before, and if you've followed our'll know we've already done a lot of digging. So for now I'd prefer to stay with the bedroom.
I just love this Ralph Lauren Bed...

The funny thing is so many of the decorating blogs I follow are white, beachy kinda stuff...but I like the heavier furniture and colours....maybe because it's cold here (to me anyway) most of the year. We have planned on a cherry hardwood floor, but it may depend on what we find available at the time we lay the floors. We will have radiant heating throughout the house, and unfortunately we need a narrower board, instead of the 6" we originally would've liked. With all that said the floors will be quite dark, and most of our furniture pieces are mahogany antiques.

Then I fell in love with this leather, ...or it could've been the windows, or fireplace, or the fact that this bed is  huge, and maybe I'd get a little space, as hubby likes at least 3/4 of the bed....but I need something with more warmth.

Then I noticed this velvet headboard in a magazine ad recently, and fell in love again... the beauty of this is you could just make it yourself. I think my decision has been made.

Here are some more pics of dreamy bedrooms I've collected.

We have a ton of fabrics we picked up from the auctions, and I can't wait to knit & crochet some throws. If we could have that fireplace it would be perfect...but I guess I can be more than happy with the french doors and balcony.

Love that Union Jack!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Macro Monday

I was over the moon to catch my first bug...but boy did it move fast!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring in my City - Sundays in my City

An afternoon walk, down to the village again, to our favourite spot,
but today it's a beautiful day, the weather is warm.

And our little duck pond takes me back to my life in Zurich, by the lake.
Zer Schon!

The ducks have returned.

The children can play.

At first you have to look real hard for the changes.

But they are there.

Until finally they break forth.

New life emerging which cannot be missed.

.....and the sun shining.

That's what we did in our city this week. What did you do?

Thanks for stopping by...headon over to Unknown Mami's for more cities in Spring,
and y'all come back now!

Unknown Mami

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

This photo was taken in 2002 at a friends house on Lake Hopatcong, NJ,
where we skiied several times, back in the day when we only had 4 children.
Don't get to do it much now.

Friday Photo Flashback

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Simple Life

Once upon a time, I owned 120 acres of land, where the roos abounded freely, life would probably have looked a little like this.
It still draws me, the simplicity, clutterfree.

items from Toast

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter - Sunday Postcard Art, 52 Projects #2 Modelling Clay & Sundays In My City

If you look closely, in my garden, you may find an Easter elf...with his little Easter bunny!

Background - photo taken from my front garden.
Clay models from my protoges
Paper and elements Bellabeluga & Fantasy Design
Border Stamps - Microsoft Picture It

With the kids on holiday we managed a few activites this week. One of the was modelling clay.
Here are our models. I made the little elf....gosh I don't know how long I've been wanting to try
my hand at this...we had lots of fun! As you can see I used him in my Easter Postcard.

52_proj_badge_v2Unknown Mami

Friday, April 2, 2010

Indoor Shoot - Photostory Friday

It started off as an indoor shoot.... take a simple photo of a daffodil...

all went ok for just a moment....

till the kids arrive on the scene.....

but I guess sometimes you just gotta go with the flow

and have some fun with it!

in the end the shots sucked...
(of the daffodil that is)

but that's ok, it was my first try!

PhotoStory Friday