Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring in my City - Sundays in my City

An afternoon walk, down to the village again, to our favourite spot,
but today it's a beautiful day, the weather is warm.

And our little duck pond takes me back to my life in Zurich, by the lake.
Zer Schon!

The ducks have returned.

The children can play.

At first you have to look real hard for the changes.

But they are there.

Until finally they break forth.

New life emerging which cannot be missed.

.....and the sun shining.

That's what we did in our city this week. What did you do?

Thanks for stopping by...headon over to Unknown Mami's for more cities in Spring,
and y'all come back now!

Unknown Mami


BLOGitse said...

o la laa, what a series of beautiful images!
Spring is full of beginnings...

Have a great week ahead!

Happy 'Sunday in My City' greetings from Casablanca, Morocco! Maybe you'll visit here one day... :)


Sonya said...

My goodness..what beautiful photos! I can feel that sun on my face!

Unknown Mami said...

This is wonderful for me because I get to experience the seasons through your photos. Huge difference from your SIMC posts from winter.

mub said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! I really like your shot of the benches and the one with the crocuses.

mimbles said...

Gorgeous photos Shelle, I love the sun through the leaves and the white blossoms against the blue sky.

SamiJoe said...

Hi Shelle--7 kids--wow!
How are those renos going??

This post is stunning, as per usual. I just love it when Spring begins to open up!

lisaschaos said...

I would say spring IS really there! Beautiful! Your children are adorable too! I just wanna get my hands all in that curly boy's hair, lol. My boys had the curly hair, and my daughter's was straight. Btw, we have 7 kids too, although the youngest turns 18 this weekend. :)

Jen said...

gorgeous! your kids and your shots, nice color, what kind of camera so you use?

Shelle said...

Jen, I'm using a point & shoot...till I get a real camera one day ;) Olympus 805 SW 8 mp, with a bonus of being water & shockproof....which means hopefully it'll live more than a year!

MariesImages said...

I remember bringing my daughter there many years ago(27, maybe)....she was a toddler. I remember the geese getting very greedy...;)