Saturday, May 29, 2010

52 Projects #5


Here is my somewhat feeble attempt at a project this week. I'm doing them promise, it's just that I can't find them anymore...I tend to slip papers into my magazines in my bedroom...and guess what.
I wanted to try my hand at watercolours...for some reason this has attracted my eye. When I went to school, so many years ago in Australia I've lost count....there were no such things as 'activities', 'art', 'play'. etc. Thus I never had the chance of painting, and can you believe this, had never used a crayon until my first was old enough (I covered the wall in the dining area of our 1st apartment with our drawings). I have a little book I bought at the know the old ones they take out of circulation for 25c? What I didn't do was use it, because as you may have guessed, I couldn't find it (the result of 4 years of renovating with everything somewhere in boxes).

But I thought I'd go ahead and post this so I can show you how bad I am at painting look back in the future to see how much I improved. I'm hoping to find time to try again this week, I'll use the book this time, which I found a few weeks ago.

My husband moved the big TV into our bedroom 1/2 way thru winter because the house was too cold to watch a movie in, so it's still there and all my kids like to congregate to destroy my bedroom watch a movie. Needless to say when I put things away they're no longer there when I need them. It seems there's a 10th person living in my house and his/her name is 'nobody'. I had to laugh this week when my oldest son found a book on tattling. He picked up my 5yr old and plopped her down on the couch and read it to her, she being the queen tattler in the house. Well, I guess she now knows the 'code of conduct' and how it works around here. Yep, they all cover for each other....or else!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Florals for Friday

I must be getting old...I find myself enjoying flowers and florals these days...

or I could say...florals are the new black, that might put it in perspective a little better...because during most of my fashionable days black was 'it'. Sure made it easy for travel...mind you florals will disguise those fingerprints just as well :)

1 & 2 Alberto Ferretti
3 LL Bean
4 Anthropologie
5 J Crew
6 Banana Republic

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Street Fairs - Sundays In My City

Street markets are always fun. Nearly every weekend during the summer months a street or avenue is closed off for the markets. Just beware if you're driving, you will be directed all the way up or downtown in NY traffic which is always at a standstill in these areas.

If you plan on a visit to NY and want to find out more here are a couple of links.

Stop by at Unknown Mami's for a tour of the world, city by city.

Unknown Mami

Friday, May 21, 2010

52 Projects #4

So here we are with our potting project...which will hopefully be the beginnings of our vegetable patch. I bought a whole batch of these seeds pots at CVS when they clearanced them 2 summers ago...and remembered too late to plant them last year. I'm hoping to get lots of tomatoes...the others are mixed wildflowers. One of my daughters picked up lots of tiny bags of seeds at one of the Batmitzvahs she attended so we'll have to get more soil and plant them pronto.

When my first 4 children were small we lived here with my Mother-In-Law and she spent the whole summer in the garden, and the children would spend hours outside with her. I have yet to try my hand at anything of the horticultural side of life but that is changing in the near future. Our weekend projects this week include installing a new stove and hopefully starting on the backyard...clean up etc...I'm so excited to be doing a little on the house...for a change.

And if you've noticed my absence lately it's because I have so much trouble connecting to the internet these days...I'm lucky to read a blog here and there....but still trying.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashionable Greys

This little spread fits my mood just perfectly this week with the cold and rain returning.

Now that I don't go out much and partake in one of my favourite activities (window shopping) I browse the internet for inspiration when the seasons change. I usually find something in my closet that is similar to whatever's in fashion. But I did eye this website with some great sales.

Usually I pretty much wear the same old 'Mum' uniform, but unfortunately barely anything in my closet fits me because I've 'gasp' put on weight.

Luckily, hubby is working on a church in the city this past couple of weeks and found a thrift shop nearby with a sale. He scored big time. 3 shirts $1 from Prada, Banana Republic & Zara. 2 suits, $15 and $10 from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Bros. 2 Jackets by Prada and Banana Republic and 4 pants by all of the above for just $12. I'm going in with him tomorrow have a look around but I may have missed out, he said the racks were almost cleared today (don't worry they're restocking :)) There are some great thrift shops around New York, but I've never seen those kinds of prices on designer. This store is clearance everything to renovate.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tea Party

It's taken me a while to get around to posting our tea party for little Miss Iyona.

We don't have big birthday parties around here...but I did want to make this little one feel like she wasn't left out or forgotten all the time ;)  She loved every minute.

On the menu were her special requests. We played the old Aussie party games, parcel the parcel, don't pick the colour, and ate fairy bread.....

and the girls did some fun arts &crafts.

Do you remember the Photo Hunt Challenge, voting has begun and goes thru the month....stop over if you're interested and have a look.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wisteria - Before and After

I think this is one of my favourite photos I've taken, when I have a back yard one day the terrace will be covered with wisteria. I edited in Picasa, and am using an el cheapo Olympus Point & Shoot.

Here's the original

After Auto Contrast

After I'm Feeling Lucky

After Auto Colour

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rollin' down the hill - Mosaic Monday

Times Square Part 1 - M & M World - Sundays In My City

We're off to M&M World....Yum, it's as good as it looks....actually a little overwhelming....but a good overwhelming. We're lucky to have our church right up on 51st at the top of Times Square, and usually stay all day, so we have some time to have fun, eat and catch up with friends. There's always plenty to do around this area. This day was my daughter's birthday and she wanted to spend the day going to some of her favourite places in the city, this being the first.

Sorry, most of the pics were taken with my cell phone because silly me left the spare battery at home. Then even sillier, I realized I didn't even eat some m & m's on our visit, too busy getting photos for you all! If you scroll down a little further on the page you'll see 3 more pics from this day I used in my Photo Hunt Challenge...see if you can spot them ;) More pics next week!

Take a trip over to Unknown Mami's today and follow the links around the world to see other Sundays in my City.

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