Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Belle of the Ball

belle of the ball

I've been around town taking lots of photos, catching up with old friends...but missing my computer. I'm learning to use my phone for adaptable we become lol. I stopped by the NY Library and found this beautiful gal in the entranceway the other day. I will upload a couple of more photos, but again the connection is too slow right now...nothing like technology eh? Oh, and yes her dress is made of fresh flowers and she had 2 adorable poodles next to her which i wouldn't fit in the shot.

Monday, October 11, 2010


nyc 8th ave street fair

Thanks everyone for stopping by and your thoughts! I feel like I'm battling odds these days...sometimes! My computer's crashed, and I don't know if I'll salvage any of my of course I'm trying to find something to do with myself. I do everything on my computer these days! Hopefully I won't have to live too long without! I really miss blogging.

I shot this with my blackberry, it's the only way I can upload anything at the moment. We had a lovely day yesterday at a street fair a block from church! The weather was perfect...for fall...although that always brings me to think of 9/11 because just 2 days before it happened the skyline was stunningly on a perfect fall day. Unfortunately it's just something I never forget!

But yesterday was fun, I took the photo for 101010. Was it a special day for you?