Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Make Money Online Free

You know I was an extreme couponer for a few years right? If you look at my blog you'll see a big gap of around 4 years, between babies and broken computers of course :)) Well I don't coupon much anymore but I found a very easy way to make money online free. Now that I shop online a bit I've been using befrugal and ebates. I think befrugal has higher cash back values. Anyway, the cash is credited immediately after sales goes thru. Seriously at the rate I'm going, and I don't buy that much online, I'll have enough money back by the end of the year to do all my Christmas shopping. Funny how sometimes you don't realize just how much you spend! This is really great for big ticket items, you know we had to buy a new bed for our daughter, rent a car, soon they'll be going back to college for 3 kids now....and school supplies. I'm finding shopping online easier by the day, and don't forget the money, time and HASSLE you spend driving thru traffic, waiting at cashiers, trying to find the products you need....going to the next store because they're out of stock....does anyone else go thru this when they shop because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one lol!

When I had little kids and babies I didn't have a car for a bit and talked my husband into buying groceries online for the month. What a dream!!! Unfortunately I couldn't save nearly as much as when I couponed then, in those days I would sometimes only spend $20 a week. ah the good ol' days.

So my little nugget of advice that I feel worthy enough to pronounce to the world today is go to befrugal and sign up, tell all your friends (you get $10 for each friend, but ebates gives $25 for every friend who signs up) and start saving money for.... well....whatever you want I guess....hmm I think I'm going on vacation with the girls next year!!!! Paris anyone?

BeFrugal.com Cash Back

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