Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Death There is Always Life

a little before and after..... original...not much is long as it's in focus...
we can do pretty much anything with it (lol)


so i copied the layer and roughly painted the whole background white


added this really gorgeous texture from Shadowhouse (Jerry Jones) aka Skeletal Mess on Flickr


i don't remember the exact formula here...after i cropped, my usual procedure is overlay and multiply, which often has to be brought down to about 50% opacity....there you have it!

in death there is always life

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Winter Trends

It's been ages since i've posted some of my favourite fashion picks, and i've been feeling myself stagnating with the colder weather hitting gemini self is desiring a little fresh air and newness...what better way to feel better than to pull everything out of the closet and put together some fun looks for the winter. I very rarely shop...i can always find something that is still in fashion from last year, or something of the latest colour in my bin of sweaters! for the first time in years (many many years) i haven't had to worry about pregnancy or nursing and can wear just what I want!! some fashion fun...please click thru to polyvore for links to purchasing anything in this post!

casual with a bit of pizzaz

The Latest: France

adorably lovely

If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty.

super reds for the hols!!

Untitled #262

some orange punch!!  yes i know a little bright but i couldn't resist, my favourite colour is orange!

Blogger Style : White Lace

and some frosting on the cake!!

Happy birthday lilly rose! ♥


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


gliding..........for sliders sunday

How wonderful it would be to just glide around in such a colourful world. I was bored at home without my computer so I tried out an editor on my daughters laptop. Here's has I got this effect, if you play around in any editing software you should be able to get something similar. This works really well with a photo that you may really love, but is out of focus!

First I blurred the picture twice then added a watercolour effect with extra saturation and a very light texture! In pse the watercolour effect is very dark, but you could try some of the other effects light paint daubs and dry brush to get a similar effect.