Thursday, August 26, 2010

Before and After

A few of my friends over at Flickr asked me how I edited a photo that I posted today. I couldn't find the original...but as I was delving thru my files I found this photo, so I used the same process. Make a duplicate of the original photo, and use the glassian blur on this layer. Adjust the blur, opacity and colour. If you use a slight blur it will give you a glow but stay sharp. If you're using PSE you can use the eraser tool as I did on the tips of the photo on Flickr. I could've used this for the hosta in this photo but I was editing in Microsoft Picture it, which is quicker but doesn't have that tool.

To see more before and after editing stop by Pixel Perfect.

I must apologize for not returning visits all week, it's been raining and I can't get a connection, so I'll have to stop by tonight and catch up! I'm also looking for a new camera...I'm using an olympus p&s but hubby mentioned he would be me and slr...he bribed me, but I'm ok with that lol. So can anyone recommend a decent enough low end Canon or Nikon they like. I do a lot of macro & shoot mostly outdoors.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Theme Thursday - Before and After

2 snaps from the waterpark and a little easy editing in Microsoft Picture It.
This is has to be my favourite photo of Carter!


At Theme Thursday this week’s theme is “children”! Create something with a child or children this week! Use collage images, rubber stamps, fancy paper , embellishments or any other art supply to make your creation! Digital art is also welcome! Interpret this theme any way you like! You can create an ATC, tag, 4 x 4, card, skinny or whatever you fancy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Some of my recent photos, the colours were looking so beautiful together i decided to to collage them.

1. lilac, 2. peace, 3. take me away, 4. after the rain, 5. dragonfly, 6. withering heights, 7. Hint of Hosta, 8. sprinkles, 9. cosmos

Monday, August 9, 2010

If you run...

I always thought he was running away from me....
but now I know.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Back to Regular Schedule....and Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami

So good to get back to my Blogger! My connection seems to have stabilized, I have been online consistently for almost a week yah! Also, I don't know how many of you use Blogger Draft...but they changed their program at bit. To post images at first a box came up with every image on your Picasa Account. Well that was a lot of images, and with a slow connection nothing was loading. Now they've reigned that problem in for us slow connecters and I can once again just upload one photo from my computer.

I've spent some time on my photo blogs these past weeks and have just started The August Break and am uploading to Flickr. I like it over there because I don't have to wait for pages to load...but I've missed visiting all your wonderful blogs. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up this week!

Today my photo was taken at Jones Beach, actually 2 days ago...but we'll be going this afternoon. The price is $16 to go to the beach here...but a season pass is just $ it's quite reasonable. One of the many things, mind you...being a large family, the cost of an outing usually starts around $70, that's just for the admissions. The last trip to the museum which was about 3 years ago, we went with some other friends and their 5 children and the entrance alone for all of us was $270. That was without drinks and food, gas into the city, parking cost etc.

My nephews and Sister In Law visited us from Georgia last week and with this very hot weather we're having, we spent most of the time at the beach. Here's a typical picture of the crew...seriously I had to bribe my life away to get these guys to do this...but it took so long, the sun had almost set...and we missed one, lol.

I posted lots of beach pics on my 365 blog this week. Well, I thought I was going to up load photos...but now I'm getting an icon saying server rejected?????what the ?????Blogger! Oh well, if you want to check out photos.,...yo'll have to head on over to WORDPRESS hahum...and check them out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Before and After

I have just started using a very old version of Photoshop Elements my Mum sent me recently...unfortunately I didn't save all the steps. This is a very basic edit and very easy. The flower is selected (traced with the mouse) and cut out so there is no longer a background and the textures added (these are Shadowhouse). It's kinda funny that this is the only photo I took of this flower because it was too windy, but ended up making for a good picture.

Click on the photo to see full effect. If you would like complete tutorials, stop by my photo blog and you'll find lots of links in the sidebar.