Sunday, May 17, 2015

The New Cuisinart Juicer

I guess this will be a review of some sort, because I tend to get a little upset when I buy things and they just don't live up to my expectations, so I thought I would pass my opnion on. I have a wonderful older Greenstar but I just don't use it. It's good with leafy things but I tend to like the carrot juice a lot! and I found it tiring pushing al the carrots thru. Multiply that by several glasses everytime I use it just doesn't make me want to juice!

So I've always enjoyed those cheap little juicers, that I get the instant drinkable juice from. They're messy, but I like my juice more which is good. I owned a Juiceman Jr. which I paid $49 for over 10 years ago, and you know the thing lasted a good 6 years till one of my toddlers pulled the little clips off. It was a bit noisy, but I see it's now $23 on Amazon so if you're wanting to try juicing out it would be a good starter.

Anyways, we are members of Costco, of course who wouldn't be with the big family, and the best thing about Costco is that they have a lifelong guarantee on their products. Yep my hubby just goes right back to the store with the things that break. Not quite what I'm used to doing but I'm very happy that they stand by their products like that. So I bought the latest juicer they have, the Cuisinart.

Well, I have not been happy with this juicer. it's quiet and runs real nice, great opening for the produce, but the juice is always full of pulp and instead of using 5 carrots for a cup of juice like I did in the Juiceman Jr. I'm using at least 12. The leftover pulp is very wet so its not very efficient. I have to strain my carrot juice before I drink it everytime, but there's so much pulp it takes a long time to strain. I also found the plunger hits the plate so there's a problem there too. I find it quite cumbersome to put together and pull apart. cleaning is probably a little more difficult because of the slim components it's a little more awkward if you have to scrub. Overall it would be hard for me to give this a 2 out of 5. I expected a lot more of a product I've always thought highly of.

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