Sunday, February 17, 2013

Into the Wilderness

I've been a fan of National Geo for....well....decades now :) In the kitchen of my first garden flat we had 15ft ceilings and a wonderful big old kitchen with the dining table and chairs in there. Being our first place and just 16 years old we had no money. My friend was still at uni and I was making a grand total of $70 per week. So we didn't have much in the flat so you can imagine how bare it looked. I don't know where we got them from but we ended up with a huge pile of National Geos so we would go thru them and pull out the most stunning photos of animals and landscapes from all over the world and you guessed it, pinned it from top to bottom on the walls. Needless to say when our friends stopped by it began hours of discussion. Wonderful memories!!

If you're a fan like me you mustn't miss out on their free wallpapers

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