Saturday, October 3, 2009

21 day makeover

I'm sitting here thinking I have to go to bed when I realized it's Friday night! Yah I get to stay up late. I'd better post my progress report, or I'll never have a reason to exercise again.

Monday - stretch, yoga, weights.
Tuesday - I woke up so dizzy, I climbed back into bed and told dh to get the kids off to school and take the baby to Starbucks with him. I ended up walking to the school to watch my dd's badmington match after school, so I got my exercise in anyway.
Wednesday - stretch, yoga, weights.
Thursday - nothing - blatant honesty.
Friday - still working on the old tv working but couldn't get the portable dvd player still no workout dvds. I was really in the mood to do some 10 min dance routines. I DID sit down with my 4 yr old and draw with her. That will have to be the accomplishment of the day.

This was a great list of tips to stay on track:

1. Be Consistent
2. Follow an Effective Exercise Routine
3. Set Realistic Goals
4. Use the Buddy System
5. Make Your Plan Fit Your Life
6. Be Happy
7. Watch the Clock
9. Get Inspired
10. Be Patient

#5. was key for me, I first had to find the time,
#3. I started off real easy. now when I start exercising I find myself not stopping.
#1. Many times I didn't want to exercise, but as soon as I start stretching I'm on my way.
#10. Is the hard one. I totally expected immediate results...which I've always had in the past, but now I'm older, I've struggled for 2 weeks before feeling positive effects, and seeing a little difference.

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