Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall sale at Children’s Place

Children's Place

I had to do the weekly shopping yesterday and when I went outside it was cold and raining. Not a problem for me…yet…but I had no warm jacket for the little guy. So detoured over to my favourite outlet mall hoping to get something reasonable. Yikes I had no idea kids clothes were so expensive. I gave every baby boy item I could find in the house away when I had my dd, sure we were done. Usually we’re given clothes by the garbage bag full…a lot, but I still haven’t received anything for the little trooper. Anyway, some of the things were marked 1/2 price, so I got these two jackets for $18 with tax, although it got so cold today, I guess he’ll need something even warmer. I swear this global warming is making the weather colder.

There’s lots of lots of tops, hoodies, warm fleece sweaters, shirts, shoes etc.

Boys cord pants are $10.


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