Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Family History.

This was an email from my Mum. The pictures are of my father's factory he owned and worked out of.  I remember it as a montrous brick warehouse my brother and I played in, with up to a foot of sawdust on the floors and many loud machines. Bricks, wood benches, machines, sawdust, a 10ft clock ticking in the silent sunstreamed air, the smell of cut timber and polish - it was a world of its own.

"Our old factory is on the market again, and below is a link, it is being auctioned on Wednesday so have a look soon as they might take it off if it sells.

Col and his Dad were cabinetmakers and did only custom built work. They also did work for all the top Decorators in Sydney, as well as specialised work for Churches and companies.

We sold it in 1992 and it is hoped it will now bring up to 4 million dollars!!! The guy who purchased it was from Germany, and spent quite a lot on renovating it into commercial offices for his Advertising company, also put a couple of small mezzanine floors in as Council would not let them put a full third floor on it. We went down to have another look at it a month ago. They did a good job renovating it and had a party to celebrate the opening of it, and we were invited. They had fireworks along the top of the factory, and Col and I were the first people into the building, it was quite a night.

Col's father built it in 1936 and we were quite chuffed to hear that it has been HERITAGE LISTED, means they cannot alter the original structure or demolish it."

Stunning Warehouse / Ideal Residential Conversion• Designed by Villa Massimo award winning European architect - Unique factory building offering inspirational work spaces over three levels.

• Building area 552sqm (approx) plus 3 - 4 car spaces, 2 balconies and a courtyard.
• Zoned Residential F under North Sydney Council LEP 2001 with existing commercial use rights. Possible residential converstion.
• Sydney Harbour and city views. Northern aspect overlooking adjoining park.
• Quality construction - sandstone & timber flooring, column free upper levels, extremely high ceilings, abundant natural light.


Meredith Magee Donnelly said...

HI, Thanks for stopping by my website. I have really enjoyed reading your tips! Looking forward to reading more!

Sande said...

Nice. Where abouts in Sydney is it?

Shelle said...

In North Sydney, almost down by the water.

If you want to do something fun you can go to google maps and get the street view. It's changed so much I didn't realize it was all now residential.


12 Mitchell St, McMahons Point NSW 2060, Australia