Tuesday, September 15, 2009

extreme life makeover...

Well, the title sounds a little...well...extreme, but even though it won't be...I think my life could use a little extreme right now, otherwise I feel like I'm going to go thru a black hole. I don't get out much, we only have 1 car and dh uses that for construction work and has long days. We live in this little neighbourhood between the freeway, a main road and a railway station, and if I want to walk further than 1 street, I'm hitting the main roads or dead ends. So for the past 13 years we've lived here, I haven't been out much and I never see the neighbours, everyone works.

I started couponing and that has taken up a lot of time....but now that I'm buying mostly fresh produce I don't need to spend the time there. Thus this blog has had plenty of empty time space, for now.

So here's the changes I'm making.

Every day, I would like to
exercise - stretch & tone, walk, weights, ballet
eat healthier - green smoothies & fresh juices, vitamins, more raw
be creative - photography, writing, drawing, painting
plan my weekends - spend more time with the kids and friends
read my bible & pray

All of the above have been absent from my life because

I don't get enough sleep
I'm very very tired, aches & pains
have a habit of not eating and not taking care of myself period.

I've already overcome one major bad habit - I smoked for more than 30 years and stopped exactly 1 month ago.

Carter enthusiastically participated in the pushups and stretches...until he got a phone call.

Monday - stretch & tone, took my vitamins, had a green smoothie, didn't waste time on the computer, got the chores done, went to bed a 1am (instead of 2 or 3), took lots of photos, and spent the morning with my 4 yr old, who went to her first day of school.
Tuesday - stretch & tone, I pulled my vitamins out with my coffee, and when I got to the bottom of the cup I couldn't remember if I had taken them. Did lots of laundry, got off the computer at 1, but it was 2 when I got into bed. My dd is only at school for 1 hr again today, so my schedule is outta wack.
Wednesday - so I woke up this morning feeling pretty terrible, I have the baby's cold. Did lots of laundry again, fell asleep when I put the baby down for a nap, and missed my ds so I had to walk up to the school to get him - just over a mile. At least I had to do some exercise. I sprained my ankle on the way up - that's how outta shape I am. I ended up cleaning all night and catching up on laundry, which has now somehow multiplied, even though I'm doing twice as much as usual each day. There wasn't much to be creative or inspired about this day.
Thursday - I have shin splints and a sprained ankle. I thought I'd at least do some stretching but after getting more laundry done, I spent the afternoon getting groceries, cooking, and going to an Open House. God, do you think I can make it to the end of this week?
Friday - Well, I was going to walk down to the library after my dd got home at midday, but dh came home and kinda threw a wrench in my plans as he always seems to do. Then I realized another one of my daughters had an overdue book which there were fines on already, but they very often won't let me borrow until the items have been returned. Anyway, I could see tantrums following if we couldn't get a movie or two, or three, or four, so I thought we'd wait. And wait we did...I ended up driving down when I was supposed to be making dinner because my oldest ds needed to do a bunch of assignments & reports this weekend. So much for exercise.

There she goes!!! :) :(

I did enjoy the tip of the days on the right side of my page:

Beauty Tip of the Day
Smile! You will look and feel truly beautiful.

This has the potential of working wonders, just think it's kinda hard to be mean or say a harsh word while you're smiling right.

Finance Tip of the Day
Ask for a raise. Use the Salary Wizard Calculator to see if you're making as much as you should. If not, consider asking for a raise, especially if you've been at the company for more than a year.

I was joking with one of my daughters yesterday, we were in the city for church and were getting something to eat by ourselves, and I said to her I need a pay rise....it's been 15 years and after 7 kids I think I deserve one. One can dream.

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