Friday, September 4, 2009

My last tripples at Waldbaums.

The next several posts I will explain my simple system, for anyone who is not solely devoted to being frugal, but is still a frugal at heart.

Many supermarkets double coupons, and if you're lucky, several times a year they will tripple coupons for a week. These are the weeks I replenish my stockpile, and get all my necessities free or almost free. I don't keep many dried items and what I have I keep in my 2nd freezer.

Here's some of the junk I picked up on my last tripples.

 1st trip

total $156.65

coupons $110.46
club card savings $29.96

Paid $16.23

items sold 57

4 lean pockets
1 edwards apple pies (2 minis)
4 natures pride bread
4 pellegrina water
3 newmans lemonades
4 kellogs poptarts
4 ronzoni spaghetti
4 cans mighty dog
8 carolina rice packets
1 can gerber baby cereal
1 mccormicks sea salt
3 frenchs mustard (overage)
1 daisy sour cream
1 suave deoderant
2 healthy ones ham & turkey slices
1 solo plastic cups
4 large jars baby food
4 small jars baby food
3 zone protein bars

50c oynso for the solo cups, and I found a $7 of $70 or more in the parking lot.

2nd trip

total $288.09

coupons $203.93
club card savings $55.16

About $29 including the 2 cans of formula.

items sold 95

8 snapples
2 sea salts
1 box superpretzels
7 zone bars
4 lipton tea
4 kikkoman teriyaki
4 kikkoman soy sauce
2 dole mandarins
1 celestial tea
4 hot pockets
8 luigi ices
8 tony pizzas
3 lbs rice
4 nature pride bread
2 nestles good start 1/2 price
4 poptarts
3 ronzoni pasta
6 pellegrina
2 ortega refried beans
4 carolina rice
4 mighty dog
1 free ac marinade
1 rubbermaid bottle on clearance (40c w. coupon)

I couldn't get it all in one photo.

I did one last trip in which I picked up a few more of the free stuff. By then I was exhausted and didn't keep a record of it.

Wish i could retire now LOL.

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

That's a great trip! Our stores don't double or triple coupons here. The best we have is a twice-a-year caselot sale, which was this week. I don't get anything for free, but they do have great deals on canned goods (corn, tomatoes, beans, green beans, and mandarin oranges).