Sunday, September 6, 2009

My get fit challenge.

A little inspiration.

How to fit in Exercise Every Day

I think that's the biggest challenge we all face these days. How to fit it all into our days. There's a wonderful scheduling system I once used when homeschooling, and one of the steps to making it was to write out everything you have to do in a day, with the hours and minutes listed, so that you could see how much time was spent, or in my case, I confess, wasted. A very interesting exercise I dare say.

But back to the subject at hand, exercise. Personally I am most energized in the mornings, when I like to get the chores out of the way, and if I'm going to it.

Here are my goals:

Stretch - every week day
Weights - at least 3 times a week
Walk - 2-3 times a week
Ballet - I have a DVD I've been dying to start with, and now that I'm older, I hope will help with toning and posture.

I used to be a trampolinist, but alas, we have no trampoline, so that's out.

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