Friday, September 25, 2009

21 day makeover

If at first you don't succeed try try again, well I could be trying for awhile here but I'm determined to succeed. That black hole looms lol.

I so want my life to start that my childbearing years are over, I can just focus on the childrearing and hopefully me a little. Did anyone else have a hard time getting thru that pregnancy/nursing stage? I've done it now almost consecutively for 15 years. I did have a break for a year, my 4th child was 2 when she stopped nursing and I had a whole year before I fell pregnant again, well almost. I was a whole new person. I always seem to be tired when I'm nursing. My dh just thinks that's the way I am, tired and irritable all the time.

Well, I don't have a plan for this week, I will let it go thru my mind a while till something happens.

So I pushed thru, had a really hard time at the begining of this week, I felt terrible. I am seriously thinking I have either chronic fatigue syndrome or fibro, maybe both. I'm beyond exhausted all the time, and until just recently I wake with all my muscles and joints aching and very sensitive to the touch.

I'm finding a groove, I go upstairs with the baby and stretch on the bed with him (gotta do what you gotta do) and by then he gets pretty distracted at pulling my room to pieces so I can do a few weights. Luckily he was out w. Dad at starbucks a couple of mornings.

monday - stretch yoga

tuesday - stretch tone weights

wednesday - stretch tone weights yoga

thursday = stretch tone weights

friday  - stretch tone weights, moved from 3 - 5lbs. ......



Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I'm impressed and feeling like I need to get my butt in gear now too!! Good motivation girl...

Shelle said...

Glad to be a motivating force...somehow:)