Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sundays in my City

 I took a walk a couple of weeks ago....right before it got really cold and took these photos near my village....this is on the way to duck pond, library. It got dark so I really couldn't take any more photos. One day I'll get down to the village, but it may not be for a while....we got 20in of snow tonight...the forecast was for blizzard conditions, but nothing happened all day so a lot of people were out...and very stranded. Most of the roads were blocked with trucks & buses skidded right across the roads. Glad I'm not still out there...I don't think they have much of a chance of getting rescued.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging and enthusiastic comments. Hope you don't get too tired of seeing our local area...I don't know when I'll be leaving it lol.

Unknown Mami

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! Your pictures of your town are SO pretty! I love the collages you put together. How gorgeous! And I love the pictures. I feel like I just went on a little stroll thru your pretty little town with you. It looks enchanting. You just need some of our snow! We have SO much to share! : )

Sonya said...

Oh my goodness, those are just beautiful!!! I love the ones with darker wooden homes and the house with lights..makes me so happy to see these photos. I really miss american streets and houses.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm!!!

Bekah said...

Looks like a peaceful place. I loved the progression of pictures from daylight to night, with the lights on houses and churches. Thanks for sharing!

Matty said...

Your town is so picturesque. It has that cozy small town feel to it. I can just imagine a horse drawn sleigh taking you right down the street. Your collages are very nice.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Stopping by from Unknown Mami's ... what amazing pictures! I love the collages that you put together.

It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world!

Mama Zen said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!

Unknown Mami said...

I will never get tired of seeing pics of where you live.

I particularly like the collages this week.

So glad you are home and safe.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your town looks like a scene out of "Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart! It's so beautiful. And I love how you arranged them. That's very cool.

Sorry about all that snow! I saw pics on the TV-- Yikes! Be safe and stay warm.

Merry Christmas,

Peterson Family said...

Love your pics and all the collages! Awesome! I especially love what you did with that first pic...that was FAB! Thanks for taking me on a tour with you today! I had lots of fun!