Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everyday Inspiration, Everywhere

Do you know that Target sponsors free admissions to museums thru the week?

Your simple decision to shop at Target is helping us give more to the community every week – over $3 million a week, in fact.

We sponsor free or reduced-admission events at museums and performing arts institutions nationwide. That means more wide-eyed wandering through museums, more toe-tapping at music and dance festivals, and more bravos-on-a-budget at theaters.

Our stores are doing more, too. Through store grants and team member volunteering, Target helps local schools and arts organizations make the arts more accessible to all.

Here are some examples of where you can enjoy more of the arts while spending less.


Frau said...

Amazing pictures....That's why I love shopping there and can't wait to. I love a company that gives back..why wouldn't you want to shop there for that very reason.

Alicia said...

Wow, love that collage!

And I didn't know that about Target. I'm going to click on your link!!

Veronica Lee said...

Awesome pics as usual!!

Sigh! We don't have a Target here but I've shopped at one in Australia and I loved it.