Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Traditions

I Faces “My Story in Photos – Holiday Traditions”

Our Christmas traditions have been changing year to year....mostly added to.
We've had to skip the tree & decorating as we're renovating and have no heat
....we try to go out as much as possible.

Christmas Day with Grandma

winter concerts

award night

tickle fights
....and sleeping in

snow storms
....this year was the first year to do this....
but I could see it becoming a regular tradition

breakfast in bed

my girls think of everything...

we spend most of January shopping the sales
with our Christmas money

hubby brought these into our bedroom to hide them from the kids
....what was he thinking?


....the only thing left to do is light the fire!


Sande said...

What an amazing bunch you have... and the snow! We are sweltering here; could you email me some

Helen McGinn said...

What a gorgeous family you have. I love the pictures so much! The football colours were amazing. xxx

Unknown Mami said...

Yay, for tickle fight. You have a beautiful family.

Farmgirl said...

Love the tickle fight. What fun!

angel maia said...

your pictures are so adorable... Have a lovely Christmas!!

Cathy said...

I love that first shot with everyone all piled on the couch with Grandma. How fun. I also love the snowstorm shot. It made me shiver just lookin :).