Monday, December 7, 2009

Green gifts for Mums

I was wandering around in webworld looking for something to do with old the old jeans I have piled in a corner, when I stumbled on these. I think they are just the ants pants...wish I could've tried these 16 years ago.....if I used 6 diapers a day, for 2 years each, on 7 children that would make 30,660. (choke, choke...shikes, there goes my tea all over my lap.).

(in case you're wondering nappy is the word for diaper in Australia & England)


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Shelle!!! Thanks for stopping by, and extending your hand in friendship!!! I love to make new friends...and you are a talented lady and photographer! I'll be back...but it's just after midnight here...and so I'm off to bed!!! But can't wait to return and explore your beautiful blog!! ~Janine XO

Joanna Jenkins said...

How cute are those!!!! I love the green aspect!
Thanks for sharing.

Frau said...

What great has changed a lot since I had a baby!

Veronica Lee said...

How cute!!

We also use the word 'nappy' over here. :)