Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundays in my City - New York - Part 3

West side - Midtown

To see more head on over to Unknown Mami's website.

Unknown Mami


Matty said...

I'm sure that life in a big city is the right fit for you. I don't mind visiting, but I was raised in a rural area and I don't think a big city and I would get along every day.

Your pictures are great and really give a visitor like me a first hand look at life there.

Sonya said...

It's so amazing looking there. Im actually not that far from New York from here..about a 6 or so hour flight! I hope to see it there one day..and Im totally going to hit one fo the mexican resturants..I miss mexican and chinese food

Have a wonderful week! Loved your photo as always!

Frau said...

You take such great pictures, every time I visit my sisters in NJ, we go to the city and my pictures just suck! I love that city my favorite are the black and white cookies! Have a wonderful SUnday!

Life with Kaishon said...

It makes me feel busy just to look at them! There is so much hustle and bustle! Lovely images you have captured. perfect!

Helen McGinn said...

These are astonishing. You never cease to amaze me. I really, really love your photographs. The one with the city and the taxis with the open, bright, bright light in the distance; wow.

Sell them!!!!

When did I become my Mom said...

I miss NY. I miss my fave restaurant Penang. And their fried ice-cream. And green tea ice cream. Yum.


Thanks for taking me back down memory lane!

Sande said...

How odd is that. We have some WOOF'ers {willing workers on organic farms} next door at the moment who are from New York.

My kids LOVE the accent. Have been imitating it :}

newmami_rgv said...

These are great pictures... great lines and contrast!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I heart New York! Thanks for the great reminder of how fabulous it is.

Unknown Mami said...

I love NY. I really do. I want to go back for another visit. I feel like I've seen so little of it.

I'm in love with the first picture.