Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tackle it...Tuesday!!! More laundry...did I say more laundry?

OK I'm head on into it. Last week I blogged about the laundry. Still working thru my piles and 1 week wasn't enough.

I woke up to this....

...so as you can see I ended up doing some extra cleaning. Who votes my guy for Mr Messy of the Year?

My laundry pile grew.....actually this is dh's.

last week................this week

I'm being patient with dh's method of laundry (yet this is how he does it and he hates me doing his laundry, because he says I shrink it....and that has nothing to do with the 40lbs he's gained over our marriage)....I've waited 5 years...I guess I can wait another lol at least it's clean now.

I managed to get the girls summer clothes away....and I got long pants out...this week I must finish and get the long sleeved tops and sweaters out...oh and coats...it's cold now.

I ended up with 2 bags for the thrift shop and a bag to throw out.

I have most of the clothes stored in the unfinished renovation now because the basement is too damp. It thrown thru the window, as you can see almost out of sight & out of mind. I got most of this lot put away, I still need to sort a few things out there.


I'm just catching up with weekend laundry, which I don't usually do, but because dh used the machine all week no one else did.

I'm hoping it'll be all done this week so I can move onto something else.

What are you tackling....come on now....time to get to it.....at 5 minutes for Mom.


Sande said...

Isn't it true that 'stuff-o-nomics' is only noticed if it's NOT done?

Just have to resist the urge to NOT tackle and forfeit my 'hubby applause' for my own sanity and probably health too.

Ashley said...

Mr. Messy of the Year..one vote here...

I know it seems like clothes just keep piling up at my house to and it is only me and my husband....
i was a load and as soon as i get 2 or 3 loads done i have 6 more i didnt have before!!!

i hate laudry more than anything...

and u should se my junk room i CLEANED up last week so i would have somewhere to put christmas boxes and decor while i was putting it out... it is a mess again....lol!!!

Alicia said...

LOL!! Well, you are doing great!!!