Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Renovation - Floor Plans

It took us a while to draw up the plans. Josh (my husband's friend from church) was kind enough to do this for free for us. Our first problem was the existing garage. If we built straight back it would be in the way. So we decided to demolish it and attach it to the house. The block goes back on an angle so we're limited to space for the driveway and the 4 ft distance to the perimeter.

Once we finally changed it around and drove Josh crazy in the meantime (mostly my fault) we had too much square footage...we had to forgo the staircase on the side of the house, an office, the mudroom in the front area and 4 ft on the master bedroom & bath. We were trying to fit the 3 extra bedrooms and laundry room which wasn't working. The 5th room actually became laundry/guest room, as I wanted the option for a spare room for our parents or friends to the moment we can only offer the couch!

We now have enough room for just 2 children per room and it's probable the guest room will suffice for the baby for a couple of years (he wasn't planned). We are hoping we may be add an extra bathroom in the new basement and an extra bedroom for our oldest in the attic, so all the boys can be together...but have more space. These plans haven't been submitted yet.

The existing 1st floor will change and the floorboards need to be replaced as they're so old. It will probably have to be gutted, as it's so old. I love the fact that we'll have a verandah the children will have a spot to hang out with their friends a little more privately as they get older.

I've been trying to find the plans for the existing house....I though we had some. Currently the downstairs is living with staircase, dining room, kitchen and closed in porch. The upstairs is 3 small bedrooms and a very small bathroom. We have an unfinished basement which is included in the 1200 sq ft. New plans total 2800 sq ft not including the basement area and open front porch and back balcony. The extension measures 30ft x 16 ft + the garage.


Deanna said...

I am a reno junkie!! We are starting demo of our bathroom today in fact!

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Mama Zen said...

Wow! You are doing some serious renovation here!