Friday, January 22, 2010

ACF 58th Challenge - First Wedding

This time a background and a picture for this week's Art Creations Friday challenge.

Gotta say I'm just loving doing this...I'm finding it so hard to get off my computer....but I guess you all already know about that!

photo wiki commons
elements Microsoft Picture It


Faye said...

Shelle, what a wonderful vignette you have produced with the girl on the snowy steps and holding a bouquet of flowers! This is so beautiful and I hope you get many visitors to see your talented works.

Nessa said...

It's very pretty and sort of ghostly as well.

Boy Meets Girl in 55

Yvonne said...

Hi Shelle,

What a fabulous creation!

Judy said...

Wonderful creation, Shelle!

Petra Tillmann said...

beautiful work!

Jackie said...

This is lovely, Shelle. Makes me feel cold just looking at it!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wonderful job. They hint of blue is perfect!

Happy weekend.

"MOI" Freubel said...

Hey Shelle's snowy here ! LOL
Thank you for your nice comment on my entry. I had to smile when you wrote that you was in heaven !
Glad that you found me.
So your just starting with digital images ? Be aware that it's addictional haha.
There are times that I can't stop learning new tutorials.
Photoshop is a never ending story.
But about your image !
I realy love it ! You've past the background perfect into this piece and colouring the girl !! Well done.
I wish you a lot of fun creating more digi's Shelle and have a nice weekend.

Ozstuff said...

Oh yeah! Get us off our computers? Think shoe horns or maybe crowbars.
Fair dinks, your picture is exquisite. I agree with Faye, whose comment is the first in line, in her appreciation of it, not just as a picture but as a picture with a story to tell.
Gorgeous artwork. Standing ovation from me,

Mama Zen said...

That is really cool!

Sandy said...

Gosh this is darling.
Absolutely gorgeous. Love it.