Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't wake me up til Saturday - Six word Saturday

Is is just us or is everyone battling the desire to just stay in bed the next month or two till its warmer. This one munchin of mine has been turning into a tough you think i can get her out of bed....for school....for church. I gave up this week and let her stay home 3 of the days. But when I woke up this morning guess who was up at 6am and out the door with Dad? Only on Saturday! Something in her eyes tells me it doesn't just happen 'by accident'. Having little kids growing up with big kids around sure is a different ball game. My shot on this one! Do you think she'll believe me if I wake her up every day next week and tell her it's Saturday. 'Tricked you' (her favourite saying right now!).


Autumn in jeans said...

She's ADORABLE!!! What a cute photo idea too!! (And what exactly did you tell her to get her to pose? I take pics of my girls and they just stand there. I'm like "girls dance! move!" but nothing lol. Camera shy crazies.)

Get her checked for sleep problems, I had the same problem but it wasnt until I was an adult that we (my dr and I) figured out that my early AM problems were from lack of proper REM sleep. 2 weeks of sleep therapy later and I'm cured!!

Happy 6WS,

Matty said...

I don't think it will work, but parental psychology has been known to work wonders.

Unknown Mami said...

She's a sneaky little beauty!

Call Me Cate said...

If trickery is what it takes, I say go for it! I remember not wanting to get up during the week but always being up super early for cartoons on Saturday. Thanks for playing 6WS!