Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Monday again....

It's Monday again....did you notice. Make note coz I'll be over in no time. I hate how time flies, I'm sure it's because of technology. Try hiking up a mountain and I bet it'd feel like you've been hiking all day.

Now that it's Monday again, I'm trying real hard to keep on track, but everyone seems to have disappeared since Halloween. Uh oh!

Where did all you get fitters go?

I need inspiration, encouragement, companionship, a goal, a yardstick to measure myself alongside and accountability.

Think I'm gonna have to dig you all up!

I'm contemplating some winter walking. You see last winter, I had a little baby, and a very good excuse to snuggle up in bed all winter long. Yup, that was me...mama bear, and baby bear. Watching movies and playing in the blankets. But as much as I want to go back into hibernation, I have to admit I'm human and I just can't do that....hibernation, that is. What the heck were those pilgrims thinking setting up camp here, if I were them I would've jammed on down south as quick as a flick of a button....oh maybe they didn't have buttons....would you believe shoot an arrow?

Well, I gotta get me some warm clothes and get out of my phobia of cold weather once and for all. Wanna join me?


Buckeroomama said...

Ah, those koalas are SO cute! One of my favorite pics from our trip to Australia was me holding a koala and hubby beside me. That was our first 'family shot' (pre-kids)! Heh.

Helen McGinn said...

I'm a huge walker..that's not to say I'm huge, I'm not....but I walk everywhere. I never drive. I think I'd be the size of a small house if I didn't. I love how it makes me feel, the clearing of the head, the exercise, the wind/sun/rain...lots of rain (I'm in Scotland!) on my face. So I'll join you! :O) xx