Monday, March 29, 2010

Kuranda - Favourite Places in Australia

I'm going to start logging my travelling journeys...this is the first in the series.

In 1980, after a year of working, I left Sydney to travel Australia. We travelled by motorbike stopping every 100 miles or so to spend around 1 month, visiting the surrounding areas. In those days, and I'm sure even today, many young people coming from Europe and the UK to backpack around Australia, usually having spent some time trekking thru Asia first. It's quite common to meet up with 'new friends' from town to town during your travels.

Kuranda Railway Station

Kuranda is a small town in Far North Queensland adjoining the Barron Gorge National Park. As it is located very close to Cairns and the journey is scenic, it is an extremely popular day trip: the village is overflowing with visitors during the middle of each day. The reason? I would rate it as the most beautiful railway station I've been to. This is just a fraction of the plants and ferns covering the station.

I spent 1 month camping up in the bush above this station. We would climb down the embankment and cross the tracks to get to barron falls to bathe each day. I remember the first couple of nights we were there I would hear scratching in the bush, and what sounded like a women crying 'help'. Rather scary. I would strain my ear trying to discern whether or not I was hearing correctly. Relieved, we found out from the locals they were bush turkeys.


Kiki said...

Hey fun to hear about your fab-adventures..! Yay..I look forwrad to hearing more! Gorgeous photos!and a super-Lovely read!

Frau said...

excited to hear about all your adventures!

Vicky said...

Great idea to share with us your adventures!!!

Denise said...

Hi Shelle, thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed my visit hear reading about all your adventures. I have a friend whose children have done this kind of adventuring (British) who have gone to places like Vietnam and one ended up on working on a charter boat in the Virgin Islands. That was years ago and he is still there.

Katrinshine said...

Che avventura!! Interesting!