Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning Photoshop is easy....

If you're new to photoshop or any editing program there's no need to be overwhelmed. Playing around and getting the hang of some of the basic tools is a must....and fun! Its also the best way to begin feeling comfortable, and once you learn the basics you can take it step by step from there. If you're still having trouble with that part, checkout Kim Klassen's skinny mini's free and it'll get you started...and you'll learn how to process photographs beautifully! (I just bumped her link over there on the left column).

The internet is an amazing resource these days and if you're using photoshop, there are many many free tutorials on it. Just google photoshop tutorials, and add the type of processing if you want to give more specific results. Most of them are easy once you're familiar enough!




Now on the subject of you know I have barely been here much...but what have they done! I cannot see the options on my pages at all....does anyone else have this problem? I have been contemplating moving over to wordpress for a while due mostly to the fact that I would love to have the option for mobile uploads which Blogger hasn't had. At this moment I can't even understand the layout!

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