Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun with self portraits

Something I never thought I'd do....put myself in front of the camera...after years of modelling it's really the last thing i've wanted to do....but its been many years since and i've noticed there are barely photos of me...usually only taken by my know..the ones with your head chopped off! But lately I've been very inspired by She Comes Into Focus, (Heather's) flickr stream....amidst many others with incredible manipulation techniques. I love her way of shooting as if it was just a snapshot in the moment of her day.

This shot was really by accident...I was just experiementing and thought I'd jump in the picture to see how the glorious light shining through the window would work seeing as I didn't have any of my kids in sight. This was the result...officially my first self portrait.

If you click on the photo you'll go to my flickr stream where you'll find the link up tutorial for the processing compliments of Coffeeshop blog!

i'm not so sure

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