Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost Over

The weather's been so wonderful...I hope it continues. Our beach days were so wonderful...even though we didn't go on vacation, it almost seemed like we were away. It's such a wonderful place to forget about everything, and just let the wind and surf carry you away. What did you do this summer?

let my spirit carry me


Cathy said...

I am pleased to hear you enjoyed your beach days Shelle. I love being by the water. We spent most of the summer based at our local lake. It is a volcanic lake and is quite popular at the height of summer. We did not make it to the sea once this year, as we are such lake lovers!

Debbie said...

We went to the beach at the very beginning of summer and it was divine! Of course, I was ready to go back a month later:)

koralee said...

I can not believe Summer is coming to an end...where did it go???

I am happy to welcome Fall...I so love everything about it. xoox

Thanks for visiting me the other day.

jo©o said...

Just wanted to let you know that the short feed (thumb and title and first few lines) isn't looking so good these days. Instead of showing a thumb, it shows the flicker thumb. Not very attractive. Blogger doesn't accept the actual image. What I do now is make my own thumb and upload it and then it appears prettily, so to speak.
I have now totally confused you. Sorry. Anyways, take a look at your own blogger page where you have a link to your own page with a thumbnail coming up.
Please zap.

joco said...

I'm doing a post on "pics in posts" today.
Take a look at s/g if you're interested. And please feel free to zap these comments of mine. If I do it, it leaves a residue :-)

Nessa said...

I am glad you enjoyed your summer. It seemed to go so fast.