Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sundays in my City

My husband took a ride with a friend to make a delivery here and took a few shots
during one of last week's snow storms as you can see on the car.

Not having grown up here in America, I'm not very family with the wealth that seems to
be a large part of Long Island. If you have followed my food blog you would know that'
my husband's Mom catered for over 20 years in houses like this. She would sometimes do
up to 4 parties in a week.

My husband was very impressed for some reason of the fence that surrounds the property.
(probably of the price in the tune of $10 mil.)

Go thru the gate and past the lake that was built.

This is a very new house...built in the past 2 years. This is the side of the house, with 3 wings, probably
a guest house, servants quarters, and garages.

Here's the main part of the house.

....and a peek in thru the arches from the parking lot.

And that's about all I can share with you.

There are many houses like this, most of which you won't see from the road,
especially in summer with the abundant maples in the area.

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Ocean Girl said...

Wow what an awesome property. I wonder who lives in it. It does look very grand in the snow.

Happy Sunday.

elvira pajarola said...

Actually I would call it a beautiful and the snowy countryside...FANTASTIC!

...was a great pleasure to take a "walk" through your beautiful blogs!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for stepping in my tuscany, I loved it and send you a lot of sun!!!!!
have a great weekend!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Brian Miller said...

crazy house...the shots are wonderful, the snow almost like a fog...

Sonya said...

Oooh I just love what you did with the photos!

I could seriously get used to living in a place like that! LOL

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. It is humongous. I don't think I would like a very big house. Do you know why? I would hate cleaning it! : ) I would love those views though. Magnificent for sure!

Raymonde said...

Vow, under the snow, it looks so fantastic. Stopping by from Sundays in my City. Happy blogging! xxx

otin said...

Looks like Christmas card pictures!

Long Island is the playground for the wealthy. The Hamptons are like some of the most prized real estate in the US!

I have a NY friend who has a fashion blog

Prairiemaid said...

Lovely...expensive, lovely.

I really like the second picture....with just a touch of red, it would make a beautiful Christmas card.

Have a great week.

SonyaAnn said...

I couldn't imagine being able to live in a house like that! And that was a ton of snow, yuck!
Thank you for sharing!

Erin said...

OMG those are amazing pics...and with your falling snow on your page made me feel like I was there!!!

MACsWIFERia said...

wow very beautiful photos i love it especially the last one.
can i buy a greeting card from you with it ?lol

newmami_rgv said...

Wow! I've never seen so much snow. Here in Texas we get no snow... and a castle, how romantic.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, that is A LOT of snow! Hope it's cleared up a bit by now.

And that is some house! Who needs all that space!?!?!

Thanks for sharing your city.
have a great week.

Kala said...

Wow! Beautiful home and surrounding property.

Unknown Mami said...

Your pictures make the place look like it is part of a fairy tale!