Friday, February 19, 2010

Summer of 1998

I have so many photos in boxes & albums all over the house, now that everything is stored wherever. But this one somehow found it's way to the dining room table so I took a picture of it (my virus scanner deleted all the dll files for my printer so doesn't work anymore).

left from right Teal (my 3rd child) 10 she is now, me...take a guess, Max my nephew almost 4, and Natalia (my 2nd child) 3.

This was taken at Roslyn Duck Pond, Long Island NY.

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Friday Photo Flashback


Nessa said...

Beautiful family.


Alicia said...

What a cute photo of you and your little ones! Makes me sad sometimes to see my kids pictures when they were little because it feels like it was just yesterday!!!

mimbles said...

Looking through older photos is fun, I occasionally get caught up in the early pics in my albums on my laptop when looking for something to post and lose an hour smiling at all the babby and toddler pics and vids.

My mum has gone through all her photo albums from the pre-digital days, scanned every photo and organised them into albums on discs. She gave me a copy of the album with photos of me, I should upload some of them.

Shelle said...

you don't know how lucky you are Mim...i've still never even seen the pictures taken of me when we were growing Dad took all slides and the only slide night i remember when was it was a teen and you know i was not home that night!

mimbles said...

Oh wow, that's sad. Do the slides still exist? Maybe there's a chance you could get hold of them some time in the future.

Adam's family's printed photos from when he and his brother were young were stolen when their house was robbed but there are slides somewhere, I don't suppose he's seen them in forever though.

My mum is thinking of converting some of my grandma and grandpa's slides into digital images and getting a nice big digital photo frame for Grandma so she can look at them. It'd be a huge job but so worth while. Need to get moving on it though, Grandma is 99 and time is precious.

Kate said...

What a great photo! Isn't it amazing how time flies??? I hope you have a scanner to preserve these lovely moments in time.

MariesImages said...

Roslyn is a beautiful little town...We used to visit there every so often when I lived on LI. I even think I have an old photo somewhere of my daughter & I feeding ducks...or geese. 27 years ago?? sheeesh..;)