Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seeshelles Knits

Yah...I finally got some scarves together to sell and my website is up.

It's been a very busy week, with the wrestling meet last week,

2 snow days with the kids and everything else in between.

I use Microsoft Picture It to edit my photos and I have just realized it saves in png format, which is really large...some of my photos can be up to 20mb...I have now reached my limit on Google, so I will have to slowly go back and reformat the photos to jpg and reload them...nothing like learning the hard way is there. My computer's running like it was born in the 19th century....and I've been missing my blogging. Maybe I'll get some time this weekend! although that's doubtful as we have wrestling conference tomorrow.


Kellyansapansa said...

What great photos - thanks for sharing!

Frau said...

Great pictures, looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

Nessa said...

Your knitting website is very pretty. The kids are gorgeous.

Purdie Pyrate

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