Sunday, July 5, 2015

Paper Collage

Are you looking for things to do this summer. Yeh I know that! I've never had a car so it means I get to stay home all summer with the kids. Luckily they go down the road to the waterpark most days, but even that gets old after a month.

Unfortunately I'm not very artistic, and pretty much everything I try my hand at with the kids ends in a big flop. I really don't even know how to instruct them. I wasn't lucky enough to do any kind of art at school. Yep school was all and only school work, sitting at a desk writing all day long. I didn't even end up begin a good writer lol. and I've certainly forgotten everything else.

Anyway I cam across this site tonight on collage called Paper Magic, and their facebook page has a nice little step by step on how to do these great collages. I do believe even I could manage them. I used to like doing photo manipulation until my computer crashed and it was 6 years before we could afford to buy a new one. I don't have photoshop or any other programs so I don't do it any more. But this I could definitely do. I even had some great ideas for work to do which I wrote down for years, so maybe I can finally do them.

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