Monday, August 8, 2011


Cedalmere by shelle777

Cedalmere, a photo by shelle777 on Flickr.

I went for a little ride on Saturday to take photos of the home of William Cullen Bryant  This is the man Bryant Park in NYC was named after and of course my local library. Cedarmere is open to the public....the house is in desperate need of repair and is locked. Of course there are many more photos...which i'll upload soon...what a place to be!!! 

Here's the edit process in case you're interested:

adjust Shadows and highlights
coffeeshop Ice pop action
Color fills cream faeed0 and blue 06122f from the velvet truffle action
Flypaper paper soft light
adjust Shadows and highlights

and in case you don't have photoshop like Kate and would like to try something other than to edit your photos here a couple of more sites!! Stop by her blog and you'll see some fun edits she's done for the August Break!!

don't forget and the free downloadable softwares at:

Well...that should keep you busy for the rest of the summer....just in case the kids are having a hard time doing that lol....have fun!!!

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Kate said...

Woohoo - I'm famous! Teehee - thanks, Shelle. You rock. =)