Friday, January 21, 2011

Capturing the Moment



I climbed the stairs from the 7 train, once again, looking forward to the quieted echo of footsteps and voices lofting softly around the immaculate marbled station.

As soon as I entered the main hall I was greeted with the spectacle light streaming almost to the opposite side. I reached into my bag quickly without hesitation and stopped. I didn't have my camera...oh dear, I don't believe I just reached for it, although I haven't used it for 3 months! I recalled to my self. I had to immortalize this moment!

I watched in disbelief as human shapes moved quickly in their predestined direction. Not one soul as much as glimpsed at the glorious light streaming thru the passageway. I knew the sun would pass this portal in just moments and I too moved, here...there...looking for the best place to fill my camera's lens. Snap, wait...saving...still saving...ok. It's my fault that I have thousands of images on my poor phone trying to keep up with a job it obviously wasn't employed to do.

Snap...wait...snap...not one soul noticed...then it was gone!

1 comment:

Colleen said...

It's gorgeous! You captured Grand Central at it's most beautiful. Love the light.